Karris Chantelle
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Mother's Making A Way

Help me help single moms make a way out of no way like they always do.

$90 towards $1,000

Growing up, I was always in amazement of how my mother seemed invincible. She made the impossible happen everyday and I have and always will be in awe of her for it. As I have grown older, I realized she is not alone! Mothers everywhere are doing the impossible every single day. It is simply what mothers do!

Unfortunately, there are mother's out there working their absolute hardest with the absolute least and the ever present reality of homelessness on top of the day to day full time job that is being a mother. This is an issue I have been passionate about since high school, raising awareness and providing aid for mothers fighting homelessness in my community and mothers everywhere.

Mother's Day for countless hardworking moms is a day off from their super hero duties. But for mothers battling homelessness, it is a far different story. Help me raise funds to support single moms who may not get to enjoy the luxury of a traditional Mother's Day. Donate to The Homeless Families Foundation No Show Mother's Day Gala. The event is imaginary. THE NEED IS REAL!